Program Structure

IAL Administration

  • 12-month accelerated program
  • 8 week summer residency in Seattle
  • Distance learning during the academic year, supplemented with in-person executive sessions and internship work

IAL Coaching

  • 13-month accelerated program
  • Two summer sessions (4 weeks during the first summer session and 3 weeks during the second summer session)
  • Distance learning during the academic year, supplemented with a formalized coaching mentorship
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Q: Does the IAL M.Ed. program prepare you to teach in Washington state?

A: The IAL program does not qualify you to teach in the state of Washington. Click here for a list of all approved programs in Washington, compiled by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

Q: Is the GRE the only test you will accept?

A: We are able to accept the GMAT and LSAT in lieu of the GRE if you have previously taken one of these exams.

Q: I haven't taken my GRE yet - can I still apply before the priority deadline?

A. YES! You can still apply and submit your application without a GRE score, however we do need a GRE score in order to consider your application complete and offer admission.

Q. Can I do my internship or coach somewhere other than Seattle?

A. Yes! Our program is specifically designed to allow our students to intern/coach anywhere in the country!

Q.  I know that I would like to stay in Seattle for my internship and would love to work at UW.  What internships are available with Husky Athletics?

A.  The specific internships available with UW Athletics vary from year to year, IAL students benefit from our strong relationship with the department. Typically, admitted students have been able to apply for positions in the following areas: Academic Tutoring, Athletic Communications & Media, Compliance, Development & Fundraising, Event Management, Olympic Sport Program Operations, Marketing & Game Day Experience, Student-Athlete Development, Sustainability Initiatives, Team Operations (Basketball, Gymnastics, Football, Softball, Volleyball, etc.), and Ticketing.

Q. I know I want to work in athletic administration, but I don't know exactly what I want to do in an athletics department- is that OK?

A. Yes! The IAL program offers you a glimpse into many different avenues within an athletics department. Also, students can complete one or many internships during the program, allowing you to explore different areas of athletics.