Coaching Mentorship


Each student accepted into the Coaching track is expected to be actively coaching during the IAL program year. Some students choose to return to an existing coaching position, while other will seek a new opportunity for the year. Historically, most students coach within collegiate programs, but we also welcome high school and club coaches as well. This coaching placement is ultimately the responsibility of the accepted student, though we are happy to help provide guidance and potential connections if we have them. Interested in coaching at the UW during the IAL program? Many of our students in the past have found opportunities to coach with Husky Athletics teams, across a variety of sports. The availability of these positions and hiring of these positions is managed by each individual team at UW. If you are interested in obtaining a position with a UW team, it is recommended that you reach out to the coaching staff and director of operations directly with your interest and intent to apply for the IAL program. The UW Coaching Staff Directory can be found here.


In addition to actively coaching, each student is required to identify two mentors. At least one mentor must be familiar with the student’s primary sport and at least one mentor must be located at the student’s home athletic department/organization. Mentors support the student throughout the 13 months of the IAL-Coaching program through the following activities:

  • Provide feedback and guidance to the student regarding areas identified through the student’s review and coaching development plan.
    • Monthly contact (i.e., phone, meetings, observations) during the academic year related to specific coaching skills and areas of focus.
    • Quarterly conversations regarding assigned topics related to department dynamics, current coaching challenges, or emerging issues in collegiate athletics.
  • Identify recommendations and assist with introductions to extend the student’s professional network and assist in the selection of professional development conferences and events.

Note: These mentors do not need to be identified as part of your application, but we encourage you to begin thinking about individuals who might be a good fit for this role.