The Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership Programs are organized around three broad areas: (1) Budgeting, Finance, & Sports Administration Skills, (2) Colleges, Sport, & Society, and (3) Leadership Development. Cutting across these areas are six themes directly tied to issues and challenges facing intercollegiate athletics:

  • Role of Athletics within Higher Education
  • Enhancement of the Student-Athlete Experience
  • Creation and Maintenance of Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Management of Organizational Change
  • Development of Intercollegiate Athletics Leaders
  • Use of Inquiry and Information in Leadership Decision-making

The curriculum is guided by the principle that each course will develop one or more of the themes through core competencies identified by our national advisory board members, and that all courses will strive for a balanced and representative presentation of issues pertaining to different sports, different types of colleges/universities, different regions of the country, and students and leaders from diverse backgrounds. The IAL Program builds on the intellectual and programmatic strengths of the Graduate Program in Higher Education’s (GPHE) current M.Ed. program, while incorporating other leadership and curricular strands from several of the University of Washington’s nationally prominent faculty from other schools and colleges.

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"The Fierce models help [students] express [great] ideas and work well in groups - openly, honestly and directly."