Tuition and Fees

Core Courses
$756 per credit *

Total Instructional Fees
$36,288 (48 credits) *

* 2016-2017 figures. Rates are approved on a yearly basis for the Academic Calendar period and may adjust as a new academic year begins.

Students pay all fees at the beginning of each quarter in which they are enrolled. Payment dates are late June, September, January, and March. Course costs listed above do not include student fees, room and board, or the cost of textbooks and materials. A portion of the instructional fees will be used to defray the cost of receptions, food and beverages served at program events, and activity related to youth development through sport and education.


As the IAL program does not receive funding from the Washington state legislature, it does not qualify for other scholarships, fellowships, and grants that are available to state-funded programs. Many students in the IAL program access a variety of loans, some of them through local banks and others funded by the federal government. For further information on financial aid, visit the following websites:

Because IAL is a fee-based program, as opposed to a state funded program, read this information carefully to determine eligibility. Students in all fee-based programs, including IAL, are ineligible for the tuition exemption program, institutional tuition waivers or the Undergraduate/Graduate University Grant programs, including the Husky Promise program


The Center for Leadership in Athletics & IAL Program awards merit-based scholarships to both Admin & Coaching students following the summer session.  There are two types of scholarships that students may receive, depending on the program in which they are enrolled:

  • Book Award & Faculty Merit Award is voted on by members of the class, and distributed to two students whom reflect the values of the cohort and contribute significantly during the summer residency.
  • The Faculty Merit Awards are voted on by IAL faculty members and are awarded based on academic excellence and positive contribution throughout the summer session.  



Currently, we do not offer traditional Assistantships directly through the IAL program. In past years, we have had several students who applied and received Coaching Assistantships through the UW Athletic Department.  You can find more information about these opportunities here. The Husky Athletic Department is a strong partner and sees our students as good candidates for these positions.